Is Bitcoin (BTC) finally dead? Is Crypto Financial Management Like Gnox (GNOX) The Future Of The Industry?

Is bitcoin dead? Is he dying? Asking this question is like asking yourself in 2000: “Is the Internet dead?” The truth is that even in this bear market, bitcoin usage is growing at an even faster rate than the internet at this point in its growth trajectory.

Basically, anyone who tells you Bitcoin is dead is simply stating their biased opinion as fact. This is a sure sign of incompetence and you should avoid this person’s advice like the plague.

Although Bitcoin is far from dead, does that mean everyone should invest in it? Again, if someone tells you that no one should invest in bitcoin or that everyone should invest in bitcoin, they are wrong. Not everyone should invest in Bitcoin. And even if you do, heartbreaking volatility and the small chance that it could die means that your bitcoin investment should only be about a penny of every dollar you take home.

GNOX – How to Diversify into Crypto

Diversification, especially in crypto, requires a ton of research in order to do it safely. People lost their crypto savings. Don’t be that person.

Most people don’t have the time to do all the research necessary to diversify and minimize the risk of losing capital. However, it is inevitable that someone will come along and make diversification much simpler, thus opening the door to the mass adoption of crypto investing.

Well, actually, someone already did. A project called Gnox Token (GNOX) offers crypto investors “yield farming as a service” proving investors both diversification and passive income in one simple package. All crypto investors must buy and own GNOX. The rest of the work is done for them.

Here is a brief overview of how it works.

First, the platform aggregates data on DeFi opportunities across multiple platforms and blockchains. This data is then analyzed by a team of professional DeFi investors. The analysis is shared among GNOX holders who can vote on which investments are worth making.

Similar to a crowdfunding platform, investors pool their money in a treasury which provides the capital for investments. Profits from these investments are then redistributed to GNOX holders in the form of a buy-and-burn mechanism that reduces the supply and increases the price of the token.

While it’s not a bad idea at all to invest about a penny out of every dollar you make in Bitcoin, safe investing requires diversification, especially in the realm of crypto. Gnox makes it easy to diversify your crypto investment. It is this kind of simplicity that will usher in the mass adoption of DeFi.

Gnox Token is currently in ICO mode. And the ICO is as innovative as the platform. A series of pre-launch burns ensures that the price of the token increases until launch. This is a great incentive to get in as soon as possible.

The ICO ends on August 12 and the platform launches in mid-August. Visit the Gnox website to learn more.

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