Regsosek will make state financial management more efficient: ministry

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Social and Economic Registration (Regsosek) program can help make the management of state finances more efficient, according to expert staff in organization, bureaucracy and information technology of the Ministry of Finance of Sudarto.

“With accurate data, we can reduce overlapping activities,” he pointed out during the “Assistance in Welfare System Reform” webinar on Wednesday.

“We can choose precisely the programs that can be synergized so that the value for money of the state budget can improve,” he added.

With the availability of data from the Regsosek program, ministries and institutions will not need to develop their own systems, collect their own data and allocate their own budgets, he informed.

They will be able to easily share data with other ministries and institutions to make government programs more efficient, he explained.

If ministries and institutions developed their own system, it would be expensive. Developing a single system based on a similar database is enough, he noted.

The data that will be integrated through Regsosek will make the ministry’s programs more accurate, especially programs to help informal sector workers whose data has not been recorded before, Sudarto said.

“With Regsosek, both formal and informal data will be recorded. Thus, we will know who should pay taxes and who should benefit from tax incentives,” he noted.

In addition to state-level finance managers, regional-level finance managers may also find Regsosek data useful.

Earlier, Minister of National Development Planning and Director of National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Suharso Monoarfa said that early data collection for Regsosek program will be conducted from October to November this year. .

The Regsosek program is an activity undertaken by BPS to collect data on all Indonesians, covering various social and economic conditions and profiles.

This includes demographic information, housing, disabilities, asset ownership, and geospatial information.

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